How We Help

Timberview was formed by a group of farmers dealing with many of the same issues faced by farmers everywhere:

  • A mother who wants to stay home to help her husband run the farm and to take care of the home and children, but who instead works a job in town in order to get health insurance for the family.
  • A son who wants to farm side-by-side with his father, but who instead farms nights and weekends and spends his weekdays in an office to provide financial security for his growing family.
  • A daughter who was forced to sell the family farm — nurtured for generations by her grandfather and father, yet sold to the highest bidder to pay estate taxes.
  • A wife who is selling off acres of land to cover her husband’s long-term nursing care.
  • A farmer who has a machine shed filled with equipment he purchased at the end of a profitable year, simply to kick the can.

This group of farmers formed Timberview to give themselves, and others like them, more control — over their assets, their expenses, their liabilities and their futures.


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